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The Creative15 is a proven practice and free 15-day guided challenge to catalyze flow, free your voice, and help you establish a consistent creative habit in 15 minutes a day.

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    Hi, I'm Liz.

    I’m a Creativity Catalyst (think: doula + strategist + trainer for your creative work) and the Founder of The Collective. The Creative15 has helped over 1000 creators at all stages in their careers catalyze flow, establish a consistent practice, and move through times of transition through creative process.

    As we build the new world, we have the opportunity to do so with imagination, wonder, integrity, and care. The world needs your voice now more than ever before. I hope you join us.

    15 minutes. 15 days. Unlimited creative possibilities.

    The ideas are fully flowing through me now. It gave me the courage and commitment to finally start a project I have been putting off for years and that is a HUGE deal. 15 minutes is just so do-able, and I was truly inspired by the courage of others. After doing the Creative15 I realized that creativity is crucial to my joy, and I must listen to my Inner Artist…she has a lot to say.


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