THE SHIFT: 5 myths that block your creative greatness

(and how to clear the path for your next stage of expansion)

In this FREE workshop, you will learn:

- 5 fundamental shifts to unblock your creative gifts
- why we overwork and undercreate, why productivity advice may not be working for you, and a practice to create space for the work that matters
- how Commitment Exhaustion is draining us, and a simple antidote to restore life to your creative ecosystem
- 4 ingredients to alchemize creative momentum
- how to craft a clear creative focus that brings you alive

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    You have a vital story to tell...

    ...and your creative contributions matter.

    The teachings that I will share in this workshop are based on over a decade of work and research devoted to how we bring forth our truest and most meaningful creative work and birth the next evolution of ourselves in the process.

    I have helped over 1000 creators actualize their signature body of work and I would love to help you do the same.

    This workshop is for you if you have been feeling stuck, blocked, plateaued, or hungry for more in your creative work, and are ready for a breakthrough — on your terms.

    Join me if you would like to clear a path for the next chapter of your creative work to be born.

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    Your work matters. I hope you join us.